Our Website Accessibility Statement

Our Intent

We are working towards complying with all priorities of the WCAG as defined by the WAI. We intend to continue improvements to ensure all sites we deliver meet these guidelines and this web site has been designed with accessibility principles in mind.

Browser Compatibility

We test all our designs across the five most commonly used browsers:

-- Internet Explorer
-- Mozilla FireFox
-- Safari
-- Opera
-- Google Chrome


If you have difficulty accessing any element of our web site or have any comments, please ...
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Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict Valid CSS! Level AA conformance icon, W3C-WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0

Our Content

Our pages are designed so that they can be viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, on screens with higher definition the contents appear as a central block. The coding of our pages has been validated by W3C software. Page structure is conveyed using standard header elements that should be easily identified by screen reader software. Neither scripts or images convey critical information and no information is exclusively conveyed using colour.

An external CSS is used on our web site and relative font sizes on all text with the exception of graphical text. This allows text to be easily increased or decreased in size by your browser. The CSS has also been validated by W3C software.

Our Links

Most of our links open in the same window and where a link opens a new window it will be preceded by this small icon Opens new window which has text that is collected by screen reader software. We do not use Access Keys as we agree with the view point of Nomensa that they do not fulfil their original intent ...
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